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Subject: Fathers and Sons Together, Part FourNote: Please do not use this story without the permission of the author.
Themes include consensual intergenerational sex and incest between men and
teens of legal age. Do not proceed if these themes bother you. Comments and
suggestions welcome at or If you want to get my stories emailed to you
directly let me know.I want to thank everyone who emailed me--I appreciate your feedback. I'm glad
you enjoy my stories. Some of you asked about other stories I've written.
Here's what's on Cadets: Gay Male Athletics, November 11, 2002
Bear Cop: Gay Male Encounters, July 11, 2003You can also find more of my stories and stories by others at my Yahoo!
Group: and Sons Together
Part Four: Fun in the Garage WorkshopDuring the weeks that followed my dad and me found lots of opportunities to
get together for hot sex. When my mom would go out we'd give each other
quick blowjobs. A few times we snuck off to the garage workshop where dad
would fuck me. My need for cum didn't dissipate. I was getting almost daily
loads from Dan, Coach Welch, Principal Hill, and my dad. Dan told me he and
his dad were fucking around too and that his dad was sucking off the
Correlli brothers on a regular basis in his office at Home Depot.My uncle Doug arrived from Atlanta a few days before graduation. He was my
mom's youngest brother. He was only 23. We only saw each other about once a
year and I noticed when we picked him up at the airport that he seemed more
buff than the last time I saw him. We met him at the curb and dad welcomed
him with a big hug. He threw his suitcase in the trunk and Doug joined me in
the backseat. He gave me a hug and leaned forward to hug mom. I took notice
of his firm ass. The Wrangler's he wore really showed it off.We all talked about my upcoming graduation and Doug's new job at a
prestigious Atlanta law firm. He was interning while in law lolitas bbs model preteen
school. Doug
asked me about a girlfriend. I told him there was no one special girl. My
dad smiled at me in the rearview mirror. Doug told me to wait until after
college because "you're only young once." He showed us a picture of his
girlfriend and told us about meeting her at a concert last November. Of
course my mom had a million questions about her. I kind of tuned them out. I
studied my uncle a bit closer. He had a nice bulge in his crotch. I wondered
if he needed some relief after his long flight. My cock twitched in my jeans
as I imagined sucking Uncle Doug's dick and eating his hot cum. I have to
admit that every man I saw got me horny. My dad blamed it on my age. I told
him I wondered what his excuse was.When we got home Uncle Doug settled into the guestroom and I help mom with
dinner. My dad had some work to do and went to his office. When dinner was
ready sites prelolita nymphet lls mom sent me upstairs to get Uncle Doug. I knocked on his door but he
didn't answer. I opened the door and called for him. I didn't expect to see
him on the bed naked but there he was. He was face down and xxx lolitas nymphets preteens his bare ass
staring me in the face. He was snoring. My dick started to harden as I moved
closer. His ass was beautiful. It was covered with a fine layer of light
blond hair. His tan lines made it more prominent. I couldn't see his hole
but imagined it was pink and tight. I wanted to pull his ass cheeks apart
and rim him right then and there but I knew he'd freak out. I gently shook
his shoulder and he woke up.I could tell he was embarrassed to be caught black preteen lolitas pics sleeping naked but I told him
not to worry about it--after all, he didn't have anything I didn't have. When
he rolled over I caught a glimpse of his cock. It was more beautiful than
his ass. A big mushroom head hung at the end of his soft five-inch dick. A
thick bush of dirty blond pubes surrounded it. His balls looked delicious. I
think he caught me staring but didn't say anything. He wrapped a towel
around his waist and told me he'd be down in a few minutes. I left and
closed his door. I adjusted my hard dick in my pants. I didn't need mom to
know I was getting a boner looking at her baby brother!Dinner was uneventful. I had a hard time not staring at Uncle Doug. I'm sure
dad knew I was turned ls magazine lolita underage on by him. After dinner dad went out to his workshop
off the garage to work on a bookcase he was building. I checked my email and
Uncle Doug continued to unpack. After a half hour I went out to the workshop
to see if dad needed some help. He was glad to see me and we started talking
about Uncle Doug. We agreed that he had definitely bulked up since his last
visit. I nude tiny nymphet lolitas told him I caught him sleeping naked before dinner. Dad asked me
about his ass and dick. We both got hard talking about our hunky relation.I suggested we jerk off. Dad answered by unzipping and hauling out his hard
cock. I pulled mine out and walked over to time. We rubbed our cocks
together smearing our precum all over each other's shafts. As we jerked off
we kissed. We probed each other's mouths with our hot tongues enjoying a
moment of unbridled dad/son lust. We were getting close to cumming when we
heard someone clear their throat. We opened our eyes and saw Uncle Doug by
the door that led black preteen lolitas pics
to the garage. He had a big smile on his face.Dad asked Uncle Doug if he wanted to join us. As he walked over to us he
unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick and stroked it. We pulled him in
and dad and I put our arms around his shoulders. He looked at me and dad and
told us that this was what family was all about. Uncle Doug pulled me closer
and nude tiny nymphet lolitas we kissed long and hard. As we explored each other's hot mouths dad
pulled at Uncle Doug's balls. He let out a stifled groan. I felt dad leave
our embrace. He moved behind Uncle Doug and knelt on the concrete floor. He
pulled his ass cheeks apart revealing his tight pucker. He started to lick
around the hole and Uncle Doug broke our kiss to let out a low "fuck, yeah!"I took advantage of the situation and knelt in front of my uncle. I flicked
my tongue at his dick head. I coated my lips with his sticky clear precum.
It tasted great! I took the head of his dick into my mouth and sucked it
like a lollipop. Uncle Doug loved it! He held my head and started to push
his cock down my throat. I took it all making sure my throat gripped his
hard meat tight as it slid deeper. Dad continued his anal assault by pushing
his tongue deep inside his brother in-law's hole. Uncle Doug was fucking my
mouth hard. I knew I'd be getting his load soon. Without warning he pulled
his dick from my mouth--"fuck me, Bob!"My dad jumped up and pushed sites prelolita nymphet lls Uncle Doug over to a low workbench at the back
of the room. I got on the other side of the workbench and got ready to feed
Uncle Doug my dick. He leaned over and swallowed it. He definitely wasn't a
novice. He sucked my dick hard. I pushed it all down his throat expecting
him to gag but he started blowing me like a pro. Meanwhile, dad was applying
some lube to his cock and was getting ready to give Uncle Doug what he asked
for. It was fucking hot. I couldn't believe I was going to watch my dad fuck
my mom's little brother. Dad smiled at me and lined his dick up to Uncle
Doug's hole. He reared back a bit then slammed it hard into him.The force of my dad's fuck pushed more of my cock into Uncle Doug's throat.
We both held our meat deep then started our double assault. As dad withdrew
I pushed deep; when dad bottomed out I pulled out. We were in heaven. It was
clear to us that Uncle Doug loved it. He moaned in ecstasy as he filled him
with hard dick. Dad and I were sweating as we drove our cocks into Uncle
Doug's hot throat and ass. I knew I was getting close to blowing my load. It
was such a turn on to watch my dad fuck. He was so strong, so masculine, so
in control. I felt my cum start to churn and before I knew it I was feeding
my uncle a fresh load of cream. Uncle Doug gulped it down. He pushed his ass
back onto my dad's cock as he drank down my juice. I pulled my dick from his
mouth and shot my last round onto his chin.Dad growled and pushed his cock deep one last time. He held Uncle Doug tight
and groaned. He was unleashing his cop cum into his well-fucked ass! It was
amazing. I knew what Uncle Doug was feeling and there was nothing better.
Dad collapsed onto Uncle Doug's back. He was breathing hard and enjoying the
afterglow of another hot orgasm. After a minute of so he pulled his
still-hard dick from Uncle Doug's hole.Uncle Doug wobbled a bit but managed to stand up. We sat him down on the
bench and I joined dad. He was already on his knees sucking Uncle Doug's
thick cock. It looked about eight inches long and you could see several
veins running down the length of the shaft. I started sucking on his balls.
With the two of us working him over it didn't take long for him to shoot.
The first few shots went straight down my dad's throat. He pulled off the
spurting cock so I could take the rest of his cum. I clamped down on his
cock's head and drank my uncle's sweet man juice. Uncle Doug was thrashing
around as the waves of his orgasm hit. After about seven shots of cum I came
up for air. More cum dribbled out and dad licked it up.It took us awhile to get cleaned up. We could smell an apple pie baking in
the kitchen as we walked through the back door. Dad led the way into the
kitchen with a hearty "I'm hungry!" I was hungry too--hungry for the load of
my dad's cum that was deep inside Uncle Doug's ass!Note: Thanks for reading. I'll be on vacation until June 6 so this will be
the last installment for awhile. Have a great holiday!
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